Sierra ‘Share the Ride’

Join us this spring by helping to support the Nevada League and our efforts to get More Kids on Bikes

Through generous funding from the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) and the hard work of several core volunteers, the Nevada League was brought to life. But these efforts can only take a League so far down the trail. ‘Community’ is what helps move a League to the next level. In 2016 this was displayed by the amazing outpouring of support of race day volunteers, volunteer coaches and student participants.

Please take a few moments to look at our short list of 2017 Fund-a-Need items. This is an opportunity to provide focus funds to areas you care to support. In total, we have 4 fundraising needs we will be trying to meet for our second season. All donations are 100% tax deductible. #morekidsonbikes

Be a Matching Fund Supporter

Feel strongly about a particular Fund-a-Need? Help kick off the fundraising effort and challenge others to match your generous support. A quick email to with your matching amount is all that’s required. We’ll set it up and share your goal anonymous or not. Let’s work together to support the student athletes of our Sierra Nevada communities and help build the next generation of cycling enthusiasts.

race|result Chip Timing System

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2017 brings new challenges. The timing software we’re using, is shifting their support away from the manual timing module in favor of the more people efficient chip timing system. While I’ll greatly miss watching “Karl the Timer” chase down the athletes after a close 5-rider finish or the panic shout-out of plate numbers as grouped riders accelerate toward their next lap, the ability to reduce the needed volunteers, eliminate errors and know who’s on course without day-of rider checkin has many obvious benefits.

**This is a Matching Fundraising Effort**

A Nevada League family has generously offered to kick in matching donation up to $2500 to fund this need. We’re half way there! If you feel this is an important function of our event programming, please contribute what you can by making a donation. Just click on the DONATE button above. The Nevada League operates under the National Interscholastic’s 501(c)(3), so all contributions are fully tax deductible.

Student Scholarship Program

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Doug Bedient / League Director – One of the principal reasons I began the journey to bring interscholastic cycling programs to Nevada was because of the impact I experienced introducing new junior athletes to the sport. During the time I was involved in coaching a school mountain bike team, I witnessed first hand the changes, not only in the athletes themselves, but the families as they became involved. Many of us have the means to provide this opportunity to our kids. For myself, I was fortunate to have both my boys participate in the NorCal League and experience not only the sport of cycling as a high school sport but meet all the great people from the Reno/Tahoe mountain biking community. This is the experience we hope to share with others less fortunate. This fund is a modest beginning. Join this Fund-a-Need to help change the lives of students who choose to take on the challenge and discover of the life-long benefits of the sport of cycling.

Trail Tools & Event Supplies

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This Fund-a-Need is the BORING STUFF. These are the items that make events safe and professional looking for the student athletes, volunteers and other participants. During our inaugural year, we were blessed by the neighboring NorCal league to share some of their infield equipment. All the fencing remained vertical because of the cement pins and PVC poles they generously shared to keep our start-up cost down. While we’re not opposed to asking to borrowing another cup of sugar, the wear and tear on this equipment, is a cost that good neighbors hopefully can avoid. The goal of this Fund-a-Need to cover the purchase of these items and maybe someday we’ll be able to return the favor when a neighboring league calls. $50 buy 10 PVC poles OR 12 stakes. (we need 330 each). Other items include trail building tools, course setting gear, tool carts, an auxiliary gas generator, etc.

24′ Nevada League Event Trailer

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You know that big long monstrous two wheeled white behemoth that everyone congregates around during setup and teardown? It’s registered to the Nevada League and I (Doug Bedient) make the payments. While it’s only $120 a month, which I’m happy to contribute to the development of the League, I’ve always felt this was a physical piece of equipment that folks could see the benefit in supporting.

This is a fund Share-the-Need expense that I hope some will chose to support. Donate $500 or more and we’ll put your name or logo on the trailer to live into eternity.

In additional to private donations, we continue with our efforts to bring the story of Interscholastic Cycling to companies who’d like to support the efforts of the student athletes and participate in the growth of mountain biking as an alternative school sport. We need your help to make these connections. A sponsorship packet can be attained by contacting