The Nevada Interscholastic Cycling League is a volunteer based organization and can always use more help!

We rely on a dedicated group of volunteers to make our races happen. We value all those who give of their time and energy to help our student-athletes succeed. It takes hundreds of hours and 100+ volunteers to produce each of our events. If you want to be a part of these exciting opportunities, take a look at our positions and get involved! There are many opportunities to contribute to the success of the League through volunteering.

Volunteer Signup

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The League has several important committees for those that want to contribute their time and professional skills. League events, community outreach, and media exposure are important aspects to the success of the League. If you would enjoy being involved at the League level, contact League Director Doug Bedient (doug@nevadamtb.org). We need your energetic spirit!

Race Day

Race day would not be possible without the incredible work of our Volunteers! It takes a “Village” to put on quality youth mountain bike races. Many parents and cycling enthusiasts find that getting involved with race production is a fun and rewarding experience.


Parents this is you! Our teams need your help to make sure their rides have the best experiences. From providing snacks to riding with the team, our parents make some of the best volunteers. For information on how to volunteer with a team please talk with the head coach of the team.

All Adult volunteers and coaches who are RIDING with our students must be registered through NICA at a General Volunteer Level. This certification ensures that our students will be safe and all adults are insured through NICA. Visit our Licensing Page for more info.

If you have questions about becoming a team volunteer or for an invitation to Pitzone, please talk to the head coach of the team. If you are interested in volunteering, but aren’t sure if team or race day is best for you, please email doug@nevadamtb.org.


Race day volunteers are what make our events a success. Volunteering for a race is a single day (or a few hours) commitment and is perfect for someone who wants to be involved, but is limited on time. See below for information on how to volunteer at a race.

The experience provided to NICA student-athletes is only possible because of the contributions of dozens of volunteers at each race. We thank you for devoting time to support high school mountain bike racing.

Race Volunteer Schedule & Sign ups occur during the season.

Race Day Volunteers


With the direction of the Chief Course Setter or League Director, you will be placing markings to alert riders to turns, dangers and confirm they are on course. You’ll have fun getting out on course with other volunteers and a backpack full of course-setting supplies: course tape, signs, zipties and small wooden stakes.

Bring your bike, helmet & cycling gear.

Click here to see the dates and times and sign up as a Course Setter.


Build the infield with a team of volunteers and race staff. A well built infield brings excitement to the event. You will be starting with placing pins and poles for snow fencing and course tape, erecting EZ-UP tents, flags, and banners. Safety is key and we require gloves and eyewear so bring your own or use ours.

Click here to see the dates and times and sign up for Infield Set up


Course Marshals stand at key marshal points on the course and have the most direct role in ensuring safety on the course. Marshals check in at the volunteer tent and will receive instructions from the Chief Course Marshal. Radios are provided to communicate any problems or injuries. Marshal’s can hike or ride bikes to their marshal points (remember to bring bikes and helmets).


Course Marshals on bikes! Roving Course Marshals keep the entire course safe by reporting incidents and injuries while circling the whole course or specific areas assigned by the Chief Course Marshal.


Nutrition and hydration play key roles in keeping NICA students athletes safe and performing their best. As a Feedzone Marshal, you will keep everything running safely, smoothly and positively while guiding all volunteer feeders. The Feedzone Marshal needs to have a good understanding of the NICA rules about the feedzone. “Everyone take one step back,” “No running,” and “Only feeders in the feedzone” are a few phrases parents and coaches come to expect from the Feed Zone Marshal.


Finish Line Support Volunteers ensure NICA Student Athletes finish strong and make a smooth transition from competing to reuniting with parents, coaches and teammates. The finish line is often the most hectic and is the most crowded part of the racecourse. Finish line support volunteers allow athletes a clear, safe exit from the race course. A quick training session meeting at the finish line will orient you in this unique part of the course.


Announcers play a vital role in the fun atmosphere of our races. This role as their assistant allows the race announcer to be organized and keep up the energy level. You’ll be giving the announcer all the information he or she needs to announce athletes as they cross the finish line.


Be the first to welcome NICA student athletes, their families, coaches and supporters as they enter the race venue and direct them to their Pit area and/or parking. This is a very important job as you are the first “experience” they have with a NICA race, so remember to have a great attitude and smile on your face as you greet everyone. Those volunteers directing coaches into their Pit area need to help coaches be fast and efficient, and make sure they do not block the roadway.


The Scoring Assistants provide a critical role, but also a great volunteer position to see the race in action. The Chief Scorekeeper will guide you in the positions of Data Entry, Number Caller and Hand Jammer. While we do have a chip timing system, we also have a backup system which is manual entry.


Due to the vital role Sweeps play in the race and the popularity of the position, volunteers must go through an application process in order to be placed as Sweeps. Sweepers ride behind the tail end of every race category and tend to any issues that may arise on the course with students in their assigned category. Sweeps check in at the volunteer tent for sweeper orientation meeting and to receive needed equipment.


Crossing Guards are vital to protect the racers and keep the course clear of spectators and vehicles. Crossing Guards stationed where the racecourse crosses a road will stop vehicle traffic until a break in the race provides passage for the vehicle without interfering with the athletes and the race. Crossing Guards stationed along the snow fencing in the start/finish areas of the race will monitor specific crossing points for spectators.


Help support the League and share our swag! Come help sell shirts, cowbells, jerseys and jackets, and more. This tent is the hub of information. Course maps, number of laps, Pit Zone layout, Venue questions, and other information is here. Chairs and EZ-Up tents provided!



Volunteers in the Volunteer Tent work with our Volunteer Coordinator, to make sure that the check-in process, orientation and gear for all volunteers run smoothly. Volunteers will also help manage miscellaneous race operations such as; race crew support, radio observation, site errands, etc.



Volunteers attend all division starts arriving at the start line 30-minutes before each wave starts. This is a very high-tension area with nervous racers queuing for their starts, and sometimes overly helpful supporters crowding in. Calm but assertive helpers are needed to keep the process orderly so that the races start safely and fairly. These volunteers are free to hang-out and spectate in between starts.


As soon as the last rider goes on his final lap, we start takedown and clean up of the race course itself. Volunteers who bring their bikes (and helmets!) takedown the course markings and clean up the course, using packs provided by the League to gather up ribbon, signs, and other race-related debris. WE DO NOT START THE AWARDS UNTIL YOU ARE BACK.