Opens for 2017 season on April 1st!

Registration is mandatory! If you or your coaches are not registered, you CANNOT participate in pre-season activities or races (this includes practices!)

When registering for the upcoming season, “Current Grade” is the grade your student will be in during the fall.

Existing Riders: Please login to the Pitzone with the username and password you created in a previous season. If you have questions, please communicate with your head coach. For students who are switching teams, you will need to register with your previous team, then be moved to the new team.

New Riders:  Please request an invitation from your head coach, then follow the steps to complete the registration process. If you are unsure if there is a team in your area check out the League Neighborhood Map. Students without a club/team in their community can register as an Independent athlete. Contact doug@nevadamtb.org for a Pitzone Invite.

New Teams or teams with new Head Coaches: Please email League Director Doug Bedient (doug@nevadamtb.org) about starting a new team or becoming a “Team Director.”

New Coaches: Please communicate with your head coach about the coach licensing process. They will direct you to our Coach Licensing Page.  Please send documentation and certifications to coachlicensing@nationalmtb.org.

Enter the Pitzone


Q: How do I register a team?
A: The League Director must invite a Team to register. Once an invite is sent the Team Director (the main point of contact for the team) will receive the invite email from the Pit Zone. Click on the invite via the email and follow the registration process. A team must complete registration and payment before the application for insurance can be processed (this process is automatic once registration and payment are received). When a certificate of insurance has been issued, the team is clear to begin team practice. Click here for more information on Team Training Limits. If you would like to register a team, reach out to the League Director.

Q: How do I know if a team is ready to practice (i.e. is fully insured)?
A: The team director will receive an email from the insurance company, confirming their insurance is processed. At the same time, the Pit Zone will automatically update the Team’s registration status as complete.

Q: How do I change the Team Director?
A: This must be done by the League Director. Contact them and ask them to make the change. It is important that the contact for the Team Director is accurate as they are the main point of contact between the league and the team.

Q: How do I come up with a Team Name, and why is this important?
To make clear in results what teams are composite teams and what teams are school based teams, it is important that team names follow the team name guidelines: Use your official school name completely written out (do not abbreviate), for example write out “New Vista High School.” Do not use words such as “Club, Team, MTB, or Racing.” Composite teams should use their local name plus the word “Composite,” for example “Grand Valley Composite.” These names show up in team result pages. You can make changes to your team name under team properties when you login to the Pit Zone as a Team Director.

Q: How do I know if a team should be division I or division II?
According to the NICA Rule Book, Division I teams are teams of 12 or more riders. Division II teams are teams with 11 or less riders. It is important that a team’s division is accurate in the Pit Zone. Email your League Director if you are uncertain about which division a team should be in. You choose the team division under team properties.

Q: Why do I have a Red Exclamation mark next to my name?
The Red Exclamation mark indicates that a coach is missing one of the requirements to confirm their coach license. If you hover over the Red Exclamation mark, it will list what items are missing. If you are missing a coach waiver, download the waiver and mail it to the address on the waiver. If you are missing the NICA Background Check you can complete this requirement through NICA’s provider, TC Logiq. To complete the online CDC concussion training just click this link. Any other coaching questions, please email coachlicensing@nationalmtb.org.

Q: How do I delete riders that will no longer be racing on our team?
As a coach, you do not have the ability to delete riders but you can mark them “inactive”. Click on the rider under your team, and click in the upper right hand corner “deactivate rider.” We recommend deactivating riders that are no participating on the team. If you need someone deleted from your roster, contact registration@nationalmtb.org.

Q: I invited a rider to the Pit Zone, but they can’t find their invitation link?
Go into your team page, and find the rider’s email. If it is still in e-mail address form the rider has not clicked on the invitation link. Once you click on the rider, you will see the unique invitation link they need to click on to register in the orange box. Click the blue “edit and re-send the invitation link.” Then click Re-send Rider Invitation. If the link is not there, that means they have already started the registration process. Have them login to the Pit Zone using the email address you invited them to the Pit Zone with. If they forgot their password, there is a forgot password link.

Q: How do I register through the Pit Zone?
You should receive an invitation email from the Pit Zone, which occurs once your coach has added you to their team. If you can not find this email or did not receive it, first check with your coach to make sure they invited you (show them the answer to “I invited a rider to the Pit Zone, but they can’t find their invitation link?” above under Coaches Pit Zone Questions). Once you have clicked on the invitation link, follow the registration process, filling in all information. Make sure to print off the waivers at the end of the process and pay your league fee. You will not be Race Ready until your waivers and league fee are paid. You will know if you are still missing these items, if when you login, there is a message that you are missing them.

Q: I can’t remember my email/username to login?
To login to the Pit Zone you must use your email that your coach would have invited you to the Pit Zone with (usually the rider’s email). Once you start the registration process, you can switch the login email if you’d like. If you are a parent and are trying to login for your son/daughter, make sure to use the email address that is associated with your son/daughter, not your email. If you forgot your password, click on the forgot password link.

Q: I entered incorrect information (e.g. birthdate, medical information), how do I change this?
Some information you can re-login and change. Trying doing this first. If you are unable to change the information, contact registration@nationalmtb.org (remember to include your league, team, and rider name).

Q: How do I know what category to choose?
Categories are based on a rider’s grade and last year’s results. For first year leagues or for riders racing for their first year, categories are as follows:

  • Freshman = Freshman
  • Sophomore = Sophomore
  • Junior or Varsity = JV

A petition must be submitted if a rider would like to race in any category that is different than the one they are placed in at the beginning of the season. Category placements can be found on our home page and racing page, petitions must be completed by the rider and the coach and can be found on the coaching page.

Jr Devo Categories: these are determined by the head coach of your team. If a Jr Devo rider would like to change category after they have received their race plate, they will need to check in with the registration tent to get a new plate, no petition required.

  • “Advanced” – students who have previous racing experience (completed 1 or more bicycle races of any cycling discipline.)
  • “Intermediate” – those students who have mountain bike experience but have never raced in any cycling discipline.
  • “Beginner” – students who have never been “off road” before and are new to mountain biking.

For any rider racing who has raced at least one season with the league, their category is based on their grade and previous year’s results. Each rider must check the Category Placement Table to see which category they should select. Click here for the Category Placement Table. Here you will also find information on Petitions and how Categories are selected.

Q: My school or area does not have a team, how do I register?
If your school or area does not have a team (i.e. there are no high school teams or composite teams nearby that you can race with) you can race as an Independent Rider. Contact your League Director to register as an Independent.

Q: How do I know if I am “Race Ready” and what does Race Ready mean?
Race Ready means you have 1. Completed your registration information in the Pit Zone. 2. Paid your league fee. 3. Sent in your waivers. You know you are Race Ready if when you login to the Pit Zone you don’t see any messages about sending in your waivers or paying your league fee. You will also see under your “Rider Information” on the left hand side a note: Race Ready: YES.

Q: I think I have been double charged, what should I do?
Check with your bank statements. If you can identify the additional charge, please send this documentation and comments to pitzonehelp@nationalmtb.org (remember to indicate to your league, team, and name).

Q: I can’t find my wavier forms, how do I get them?
Login to the Pit Zone using your email that you were invited to the Pit Zone with. If you are missing your forms, you will see a note saying “missing waiver forms, click here to download.” Download and print the forms. Make sure to sign all the forms with a parent guardian, and send them to the address on the cover page of the forms.

Q: Where do I send the waiver forms, can I email or fax them?
Please Mail the Waiver forms to: League Name 2414 6th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. If you cannot get the forms in the mail a week before the race, please email them to registration@nationalmtb.org or fax them to 510-779-5597. Please only email or fax your forms to us if you believe you cannot get the forms to us in time via regular mail.

Q: When is the last date I can send in my forms?
If you do not get your forms mailed, faxed or emailed to us the Monday before the race weekend, we recommend bringing a copy of them with you to the race. We can generally enter in forms that arrive to us by End of Tuesday, but that is not always the case. Therefore, it is always a good idea to bring a copy with you to the race, saving you the hassle of having to refill out the forms.

Q: When does online registration end?
It depends on the League, but generally the Sunday at Midnight before the Race Weekend – seven days before the next race.