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February 16th, 2019

Race 1 | Beatty, NV - Spicer Ranch Roundup

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Race Description 

The first race of the Nevada Leagues Southern Conference at Spicer Ranch showcases a fun mix of rocky climbs, grass pastures and smooth flowing singletrack. Riding across pastures, around ponds, challenging uphill, and fun descents. This venue starts the season off on the right foot, and allows each racer to finish strong while having a great time. Both Middle and High school student-athletes will take challenge on the same 4 mile course with approximately 450’ of climbing per lap.


All racers can pre-ride and inspect the course Saturday morning (8-10 AM). We recommend all riders pre-ride the course. Please pass course workers with great care.

Middle & High School 2019 Course


(Route and distance subject to change at Race Directors discretion)