Leaders’ Summit – North


Leaders’ Summit

Leadership, Risk Management, and Sustainable Team Structures

Classes cover the nuts and bolts of working with middle & high school student-athletes in the context of a NICA mountain bike club and provide the basic knowledge all NICA coaches should be aware of and incorporating into their program. Classes include topics like Organizing your Team, Recruiting, Training, Fundraising and Pit Zone Management.

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On-the-Bike Skills 101

NICA Trainers ensure that licensed coaches working with NICA student-athletes receive the resources and support they require to attend to the biological, psychological, and social development needs specific to adolescents participating in quality interscholastic cycling programs. This course is an overview of the basic training coaches need to receive in order to administer effective mountain bike skills instruction for NICA student-athletes.

The key objectives for this training are:

  • Provide coaches an experiential learning opportunity on how to hold NICA practices;
  • Demonstrate how to effectively coach a NICA interscholastic cycling team/club;
  • Introduce the skills coaches will need to teach their student-athletes; and
  • Facilitate a safe learning environment for coaches to practice all aspects of the training and receive mentorship from competent supporters.
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On-the-Bike Skills 201

This course represents the second level of mountain bike skills instruction for NICA coaches of student-athletes. On-the-Bike Skills 101 provides insight to help coaches provide fundamental skills instruction, manage a practice, and lead team rides. On-the-Bike Skills 201 continues with progressive skill development and further resources for coaches to manage more advanced practice activities for growing teams.

The key objectives for this training are:

  • Reinforce effective teaching methodology and skills instruction techniques;
  • Introduce progressive skills required by riders of varying age, maturation, ability level, and goals;
  • Provide the coach with practice activities to reinforce student-athlete skill development; and
  • Facilitate the creation and use of a progressive practice plan for student-athlete skills development and team activities.
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