Welcome to the Coach Zone


Watch this brief video and hear from our coaches. Now that you are super stoked to get involved, consider helping your local team or starting a team in your area.


NICA's Coach Licensing Program ensures that all adults working with our students have the knowledge needed to be a positive influence. NICA licenses also protect volunteers and coaches with comprehensive insurance and protect our youth with background checks. To become a coach start with License Level 1 and take it one step at a time throughout the year as opportunities arise to complete additional requirements. Please contact League Director Doug Bedient (doug@nevadamtb.org) with questions.

What Level do I Need?
  • Level 1 (Can be completed online)
    • Serve as team communicator/coordinator
    • Help team with fundraiser activities, social events, etc
    • Ride with team in supporting role
  • Level 2 (Mix of Online and League Events)
    • All functions of Level 1 +
    • Ride with team in leading role
  • Level 3 (Mix of Online and League Events)
    • All function of Level 1&2 +
    • Teach mountain bike skills & plan team rides

For complete coach licensing details with links to online requirements visit - Nationalmtb.org/Coach License Program

Level 2 Ride Leader


  • Risk Management 2 Video & Test
  • On-the-Bike 101
  • Basic First Aid/CPR
  • 20 Hours Field Work
  • 3 CEU Credits

Level 3 Head Coach


  • Risk Management 3 Video & Test
  • Approved First Aid or WFA
  • 80 Hours Field Work
  • Attend Leaders Summit
  • Level 3 Exam
  • 9 CEU Credits

Please SCREENSHOT YOUR RESULTS of all trainings taken online (e.g. NFHS Concussion, Risk Management, CEU credits, Level 3 exam) to upload into the Pit Zone. You will not receive email confirmation of results for many of the online trainings. Level 1 requirements are offered online.  Trainings for Levels 2 and 3 are both online and offered locally through the Nevada League.


MTB On-the-Bike Coaching Skills Clinic - April 29th
Leaders Summit Coach Training Weekend - June 23rd/24th


First Year Teams

Required to have at least one registered Level 2 Coach to receive compliancy discount.

Second Year Teams 

Required to have at least one registered Level 3 Coach to receive compliancy discount.

Third Year Teams 

Head Coach maintains a Level 3 License to receive compliancy discount.