Strong Body

Improving fitness and wellness are at the center of NICA training and education

95% of NICA student-athletes reported that their health and physical fitness improved when they joined a NICA League

Strong Mind

NICA student-athletes are students first; more than half of NICA’s student-athletes have a 3.5 GPA or higher and 85% will go to a 4-year college or university

One-third reported academic improvement when they joined the NICA League

Strong Character

NICA programs and leadership teaches student-athletes to work hard, respect others and give back to their teams, communities and the environment

73% of student-athletes reported an increased awareness and respect for the environment


All student-athletes are encouraged to participate; no one is “benched”.

83% of NICA student-athletes surveyed reported that their coach did a “great job” creating a positive, safe and inclusive team environment


All student-athletes are treated equally. Team scores are a combination of male and female points

Nearly 1/4 of NICA student-athletes in are girls